The Story Of My Blog

Blog_(1)When I started my blog I thought it would be all about sports and hockey and soccer but it ended up being a lot of assignments so I didn’t have a lot of time to write posts that I wanted to write. If you would look at my blog and all my posts you would not really guess that I would be crazy about sports. If you would read my about me you would think otherwise. I tried my best to make my blog fit with my about me but some of the assignment took a couple of weeks so time was very limited but I still got to write one or to sport posts.

My blog helped me a lot with how much I write and also my spelling. I really didn’t know how to spell in fifth grade. My blog also helped me to understand computers because I was a really slow tipper in fifth grade. I still am pretty slow compared to my class but I got much faster. Continue reading

The Pogo Stick


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The pogo stick is a very old toy that every kid had and every kid wanted. The pogo stick was invented in 1957 by George B. Hansburg. The pogo stick went through a lot of different names and a lot of improvements until it got its final name but they are still making improvements like a motorised pogo stick.

When my mom was young she did not have a pogo stick but all her friends and the kids that lived around her all had a pogo stick. My mom also said that it was a very popular toy that she would of loved to have when she a kid. It is the same case for my father, he never had a pogo stick but he really wanted one mostly because all his friends had one. Continue reading


untitledSuccess mean a lot of different things like a goal that you set for yourself and you succeeded that goal. I will be talking to you about success for me and success for other people. I will also be talking about books that I read that the main character succeeded a goal.

For me success means a lot of different things but for other people it can mean a lot of different goals that they want to succeed. Success in my point of view is sports and winning medals. Also graduating from grade 6, getting 100 on a test and playing with friends. When I am older I would want to get a good job. Continue reading


beautiful_nature_by_polisi-d3aibh2Nature is horrifying with a lot of scary animals that want to eat us. That is what I thought about nature before, before I read two pieces of writing that changed my opinion about nature. One poem that made the biggest influence and a short story

The poem is called the Web of Life and the other Continue reading

The Face-Off

Facing-Off-by-Ken-Danby-1j2bt80Today is a big day for me, I am going to watch my first hockey game with my dad. I am going to watch my favorite team the Crushers vs their rivals, the Groundhogs.  It is the first game of the series out of seven games.  I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so excited for today.  When I woke up, I had cereal and ran back upstairs.  I called my friends to tell them I was going to tonight’s game and my best friend Johnny is going to the game as well.

‘’Johnny is coming to the game also ‘’ I said to my dad. ‘’Son I have bad news’’ my father said.  ‘’What?’’ I said.

‘’I couldn’t get the tickets’’ he said. Continue reading

Fifa 16 vs NHL 16

Fifa_16_logoFifa 16 and NHL 16 are both very realistic video games that I like to play when I have nothing to do or at my friends house. My favorite game out of both of them is NHL 16 because I am very good at it and I always win against my friends as my favorite team, the Chicago Blackhawks.  It is not as fun to play Fifa 16 because I always play with my soccer friends and they play every day so they are a lot better than me. Continue reading

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